What type of programs do you offer at your facilities?

We offer a plethora of prevention oriented programs and intervention based programs for adults, adolescents, and youths, but we are focused on prevention oriented programs.

We focus on prevention based programs because it saves lives, plain and simple. Prevention based programs empower the individuals with the skills to make positive choices. We offer the following prevention based non substance abuse programs:

  • Suicide Prevention Programs
  • Life Skills One Day Class
  • Life Skills Programs
  • Assertiveness/ Communication programs
  • Relationship Building
  • Substance Abuse
  • Veterans

What type of intervention programs do you offer?
We only offer research based intervention programs that have proven results using an eclectic approach of Person-Centered Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Choice Theory. The following intervention based programs are available:
a) Substance Abuse- Non twelve step based or disease model
b) Anger Management- Attitude and Behavior Modification Program
c) Sex Addiction- Non twelve step based or disease model
d) Mental Health and Behavioral Health -couples counseling, mental health counseling, adolescent counseling, crisis counseling, and family counseling.
e) Batterers Intervention 29 week program

What type of assessments do you offer?
We offer mental health, anger management, DUI, substance abuse, child custody evaluations, juvenile sex abuse risk assessment, and adult sex abuse risk assessments. Dr. Glaza has created the Sex Abuse Risk Assessment to protect the community from sex offenders.